Mid-Life Decisions

Life takes many twists and turns. Some would say that’s what makes it interesting.  We try to plan and predict, but we have limited control over the future.  However, there are decisions we make today that will impact our future, and I have often said that the most important financial … Continue reading

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Have you ever heard the phrases, “good debt versus bad debt?” What does it mean to you? Is there even such a thing as good debt and bad debt? Well, I’m here to share that YES there is such a thing. Let’s look at some examples: Good Debt: A mortgage … Continue reading

Financial decisions ARE emotional!

Tell me if you’ve heard any of these:        “Money has no emotion. It’s just dollars and cents,” or “We need to keep our emotions out of our finances.”  I hear them all the time in the financial industry.  The problem with these philosophies is that we are human.  As humans … Continue reading

Confessions of a DEBT-oholic

My name is Christina and I am a debt-oholic.  It all started my first semester in college.  I was walking to class minding my own business, when I happened upon a display table and some smiling faces advertising MBNA credit cards.  The nice people at the table asked me if … Continue reading

Reflecting on the Year

2020 was quite quite spectacular! A global pandemic, an election for the history books, serious talks about American culture and humanity, wildfires, murder hornets and more!  Through it all we have carried on.  Let’s take a look at the most popular topics from 2020 and see how far we’ve come. … Continue reading

Looking for work during a pandemic

A title I never thought I would type in my lifetime… So many people are still out of work due to the pandemic and economic shutdown.  What does that mean for job seekers?  There is a TON of competition.  If you are looking for work and need a way to … Continue reading

Finding your Life Balance

Emotional balance can be found Life is a roller coaster that we don’t want to get off. Do you ever notice that when one aspect of life starts treating you well, another area deals you a new blow?  It can feel like an endless cycle of ups and downs.  Most … Continue reading

What does Financial Freedom mean to YOU?

What does financial freedom mean to you?  When I ask my clients what financial freedom means to them, most respond by saying they want to be comfortable and free from worry. Do you agree? What else would you add? Maybe you would add a desire to not feel weighed down … Continue reading

Where do we go from here?

What do we do now?      Amid this crisis, we are all wondering how to cope with the changes that have accompanied it. Change is never easy. It is made harder when they are forced upon you. Every day I hear from people who have lost their jobs and from parents … Continue reading

10 Steps To Carve Out Self-Care Every Day

Reconnect with Your Spirituality

Spring is a time of renewal.  Not only for the earth but for our spirit as well. I feel elated when I see sprouts of crocus and daffodil pop up from the cold, dark earth.  It reminds me that the hidden bulbs are still living and breathing beneath the surface … Continue reading

I am the project!

“I like having a project to work on…” “I can’t shut my mind off…” “Finally! It’s done!” “I need a new project.”   Have you met someone like this?  Is that someone you? Do you love to help friends and family members, but sometimes a small act of help becomes … Continue reading

My Mission

     I became a Certified Financial Planner because I wanted to help clients beyond just their investments. I received additional education in the areas of general financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance, investments, and taxes, but for years after completing my CFP Certification, I still felt like I … Continue reading

Mindset vs Budgets

I don’t create budgets.  Not a day goes by that I don’t get asked to create a budget for a client, and my response is the same every time.  Budgets are helpful, but they are not often adhered to. Whether it be unexpected expenses that arise or we find ways … Continue reading

The Many Reasons I Dread Bedtime

     I hate bedtime.  There, I said it.  I hate it. It used to be easier!  I’m not talking about when my girls were confined to a crib either.  I’m talking about those nights when my girls were small and they would fall asleep as we were reading bedtime stories.  Then … Continue reading

Taking my own Advice about mindset

     Yesterday was a tough day.       I spoke to a person who gave me a pretty harsh opinion about my brand and my business. This person believes I am confused about what I really want to do for my clients.  This constructive criticism was frustrating. I firmly believe and … Continue reading

An Expensive Journey to Finding my Self Confidence

As I reflect on my life so far, I can identify how my self-confidence has ebbed and flowed.  Looking back I can say that I had a healthy amount of self-confidence in high school.  I performed in musical theatre and was a good student.  However, when I went away to … Continue reading

Why Moms Need a Hobby

Ask yourself, do you have a hobby? Not just something you do once in a while, but something you really can’t live without? Something that elevates your mood and helps you forget about the rest of the world? If you are a mom, the answer is probably no. The additional … Continue reading

The Warning Signs of Postpartum Depression

Many women suffer from postpartum depression far longer than they need to. As I reflect on my experience in motherhood, I wonder why this continues to happen. The conversations about postpartum depression, anxiety and all the other emotions that come along with motherhood have been mainstream for several years now, … Continue reading

It’s OK to Want to Get Away!

Being self-employed has its challenges, but one thing that makes it worthwhile is being able to set my own schedule. I am thankful to have that freedom because I was able to stay home with my daughters during their entire Christmas break last year. Unfortunately my husband still had to work, so … Continue reading

My First Blog Post

Over the last decade, I have experienced more change in my life than I have at any other point in time. I have gotten married, started a business and had 2 children. Individually, those events can dramatically change a person’s life. When all three are combined, you find yourself on … Continue reading